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Use these tools and resources to kill fleas and ticks.

Whether it’s learning about infestations, testing your knowledge or seeing how quickly fleas reproduce, we have the tools and resources to help you understand these menacing pests.

See below to uncover facts, know what to avoid and find ways to fight back.


Select your flea and tick killer.

Find the size that’s right for your pet. Then download your money-saving offer to use when you buy FRONTLINE Plus from your vet.


See how quickly fleas reproduce.

Slide from left to right to see how quickly fleas can lay eggs and reproduce.

Flea Eggs1:

Day 0

Day 21


Identify the common US ticks in your area.2

Identify the common US ticks
in your area.2

  • Lone Star Tick
    Primarily found in the southeastern and eastern US.
  • Brown Dog Tick
    Found throughout
    the US.
  • American Dog Tick
    Found east of the Rocky Mountains and in limited areas on the Pacific Coast.
  • Western Blacklegged Tick
    Usually distributed along the Pacific coast of the US.
  • Deer Tick
    Commonly found in the southeastern, northeastern, mid-Atlantic and upper midwestern states.

We kill more than just adult fleas.

Killing adult fleas
just isn’t enough.

Since adult fleas represent approximately 5% of the total flea population,1 they’re only part of the problem.

To stop infestations, it’s also important to affect other stages of the flea life cycle3—killing flea eggs and larvae. By breaking the cycle, it helps prevent fleas from reproducing.

The 4 Stages of
the Flea Life Cycle


Are you or the fleas in control?
Take the quiz.

Test your knowledge about fleas with this informative quiz. True or false? You decide.

1. If you see a flea on your untreated dog or cat, there's a possibility your home may be infested.


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